Close-up : The impossible right before your eyes

Experience the emotion of magic right in front of your eyes … your guests will plunge into an abyss of perplexity. In my hands, daily objects seem to be out of control : coins are appearing or disappearing, cards are transforming, I'm reading your mind … from table to table or at a cocktail party, I can put on a short show (10 to 15 minutes) for your guests.

An elegant entertainement combining conviviality, humour and mystery.

Dare you bring a magician to your reception ? !

Cheating demonstration

I've studied card manipulation for the last 20 years.

I invite you inside the secret « underground » world of card sharpers (or card sharks !) by performing incredible demonstrations of this secret skill. I can deal on demand ; royal flush, cut to the aces, I can even give you the best bridge hand, and I’ll explain to you why you should never play « Three cards monte » …

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