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On 21st May 2014, my first DVD « Strategie » was officially released. It is aimed towards professionals of magic, mainly card manipulators and close-up artists.

The DVD is in two parts. The first includes an extract of the show, with 8 magic routines and 2 other independant bonus magic acts.
The second part is about the detailed explanations of the tricks, with the pyschological and technical approaches for each important detail.

Spectator's point of view

Spectators will see a 30 minute show with only three accessories ; an enevelope, a normal deck of cards and 3 rubber-bands. The magician will bring them into the narrow-sphere of magic skills, illustrated with a series of incomprehensible tricks.

For the magician

You'll be able to do this show anywhere you want, seeing as the required equipment can be put in your pockets. Every trick can be presented independantly or included into your own show. Most are revisited classics and dramatized in order to be coherent.

List of effects :

- Feeling (An Ace production with an instantaneous change into Queens)
- The Special Card (A ‘Paradoxical Card’ routine involving a named card)
- Misdirection (The four Queens instantaneously change into Aces)
- Dexterity (The Aces travel invisibly from one packet to the other while being hidden inside an empty hand)
- Open Collector (The four Aces instantaneously catch three selected cards between each other)
- Strategic Penetration (The classical "Crazy Man's Handcuffs” followed by a routine involving various rubber band inclosures)
- Strategic Wild (A prediction routine followed by a ‘Wild Card’ routine)
- Influence (An unexpected finale during which the magician proves that he influences his spectators’ actions)

Bonus Section:

- Decantation (A complete ‘Oil and Water’ routine to music)
- General Wild Card (4 aces change four times into the selected card before changing back again)

List of described new techniques :

-Stratege Move (an alternative to the ATFUS move)
-Alternate Display ( a false « montrage » allowing to alternate the colours)
-Strategic Force ( a variant of Hofzinger’s forcage)

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Order : $ 49,90
( $5,00 shipping)
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