The beginning

I discovered magic in 1986 when I was 6 years old, thanks to my grandfather who fooled me with card tricks. A year later, I received the most wonderful of all presents : my first box of magic tricks.

Since then I haven’t stopped perfecting my skill. I studied all the books about magic that I could get my hands on, which at that time, I assure you, were difficult to find !
I started to learn seriously the art of card magic in 1991 … and the cards are now constantly with me wherever I go, and will be for the rest of my life !

Studies and activities

I had a traditional education and began studying science at university in the foresight of becoming a mathematics teacher.

Apart from magic, I have many passions. At the age of 9, I took up music with the piano but, lacking motivation, I stopped after two years.

My grandfather initiated me to chess and other games of skill and reflection.

From the age of 14 , I took an interest in computer technology and I even went on to develop in machine language sometimes for 16 hours a day. As a determined and curious person, my perseverance has no limit when I have a goal to achieve !


In 1998, while I was buying a deck of cards, I met Lionel, an illusionist from the group « Kamyleon ». Little by little, we became friends and shared ideas about our passion. (You can read the section Kamyleon if you would like more details).

In 2000, Lionel introduced me to Jérémy Kiener who is nicknamed « The Brain ». He knows everything about magic... and more. Sometimes we talk all night long about all sorts of different subjects. Some of those nights have been the the best times of my life! With Jérémy I'm constantly learning new things, not only about magic, but also about his other fields of expertise : art, zététique (skeptical paranormal !!) and cooking (..and eating !) Nutella Pancakes !


The world of Entertainement

In 2001 I began my professional career as a close-up artist.

A year later I left university, spellbound by this new magical world and joined the group « Kamyleon ». At that time there were three members : Carole and Lionel (the founding couple) and Olivier, the sound and light technician. I became the stage manager. This collaboration enabled me to meet even more influent people from the world of magic.

We won the first prize of the « Congrès National Français » in 2002 and took part in the « World Championships of Magic » in Holland a year later.

The same year, Gilles Arthur, presented us with the « Gold Mandrake » (the French Oscar for Illusionists !) and 9 years later the prestigious « Cristal Mandrake ».

During the year 2010 we designed and realized an « American Style » Grand Illusion show for the amusement park « Nigloland ». The show was performed more than 300 times in 2011. New versions of the show were produced in 2012 and 2013. The 2013 show « The Third Act » was named « Show of the Year 2013/14 » by the French Federation of Magicians.

Activities outside magic

Having the privilege of earning my living through magic, from 2003 I spent my free time learning about other activities. In 2004 I took an interest in the Rubik’s cube and learned how to solve it very quickly. This discipline called « Speedcubing » has taken me to a higher level and I now study and collect puzzles from all over the world.

In 2006 I took up music again, but this time with the guitar. I kept it up and now my guitar is always with me. I tried the piano again in 2007…but decided it really wasn’t for me !

It was also in 2007 that I decided to learn about web development. Learning by myself, the beginning was laborious, but I managed to ceate the first version of my website. A year later I threw myself into the creation of the first site for « ». Learning from my mistakes, in 2011 I started over again from zero to produce the actual website of Kamyleon and in 2013 produced the website you are surfing on right now !

In 2006 I discovered the « Poker Texas Holdem » and started to study the game through specialized books. I often put my theories to the test during regular games with friends. In 2008 I was asked to organize a tournament and this is how I came to create the software program « Easy Poker Tournament » to which I have put many finishing touches since.


At the end of 2012 I had an idea : produce my own DVD…

A program which on one hand would show a part of the magic I present and on the other, a trace of my research about this fascinating discipline. I contacted my friend, Baptiste, talented director and manager of « Placieux Production ». He was all for it !

And so the writing started…It took 18 months to finalize the project and the DVD was officially released on 21st May 2014…

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